So, correct me if i'm wrong, but i was under the impression that social networking sites were relatively easy to shard, making it possible to run one without every load hitting a global database and without using magic google technology for anything other than analytics.

Like (inhales deeply) what if we took a Mandelbrot set zoom and fed it through "deep dream".


I kinda want to live on a home made riverboat house cabin after watching this.

I forget, is David Perell someone I'm supposed to read, or someone I'm supposed to pretend I don't read?

He definitely has a point of view. I suspect I'm supposed to take him with a grain of salt.

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Buenos días. Los tiempos han cambiado, padre, vengo a escuchar sus pecados... Buenísimo El Roto en El País.

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Fuck me, don't mention citrus in the office or one of my co-workers will launch into a 20 minute ted talk about about how the Sicilian Mafia was created by Lemon demand driven by scurvy.

"Oolong" (wu long) itself allegedly means "black dragon"

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Observation : every plausible translation of "ti kuan yin" (a sought after variety of oolong tea) would make a great band name.

I believe the standard translation is "Iron Goddess of Mercy". But native speakers have also translated it to me as "metal lady buddha"

Pay no attention to the fact that it's a png, rather than a jpg. Or that it, as a consequence, has no plausible jhead information.

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Weird question : what was the cultural context and origin of Christian fasting practices? I'm not asking for the theological justification, I'm more asking "where did the idea of abstaining from animal products come from, and did other contemporaneous near eastern cultures follow similar practices?"

Cc @david

P.s. the one similar practice that I am aware of is Pythagoras' followers abstained from meat.

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