it's a telling choice.

I have a lot of things to unpack mentally about this. (3/3)

like I'm being a shit-tier effector of change by partially dodging my AFAB status. (Day 13,656: They still forget I'm female-bodied.)

On a related note: I hear a lot of guys say that they're allies, but I also notice that cross-dressing still flows one way. The inherent stain of femme is still too much for guys. I may know one or two guys that recreationally paint their nails but no one goes beyond that except in genderbending performance settings. And sure, it's people's choice, but (2/?)

So we went to a Christine and the Queens concert last night, and Chris had an interesting comment about how she went from Christine to Chris, and how this has opened up new avenues of personal energy and expression for her.

And I get what Chris is getting at. I should know, because I've been going by permutations of Ed since 1996. And leaning towards that direction over the years has probably steered me clear of a lot of harassment, a lot of problems. But I feel guilty because it seems (1/?)

Alright, let me try to breathe life in this.

Every time I set foot on FB fills me with despair, so yeah, let me try this.

So how are people choosing to toot via mobile? I've always historically had trouble Tweeting, finding the process to be like getting on the tiniest soapbox.

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