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Why does the church's domain registration cycle on 12/20? That's insane.

Need to find some way to keep the dog from assaulting the vacuum cleaner.

Epic restaurant review: “I’m not talking about a meal that’s poorly cooked, or a server who might be planning your murder—that sort of thing happens in the fat lump of the bell curve of bad. Instead, I’m talking about the long tail stuff – the sort of meals that make you feel as though the fabric of reality is unraveling.”

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“In a new paper, published in the journal Travel Medicine and Infectious Diseases, researchers report numerous examples of 007's shaky approach to travel health and safety throughout 25 films produced by Eon Films from 1962 to 2021.”

A story about workplace culture pressing parents to pretend their children don’t exist: “The general sense is that everyone should adopt the polite fiction that after the first several months of leave, the child disappears into a void…”

This sounds completely bonkers! Especially now, when after-school care is hard to come by. I’m grateful that my jobs allow me to “parent openly,” which until now I thought was the only way to do it.

Overheard from a first grader on the schoolyard: “Guys, we’re at school, so let’s stuff his brain with knowledge!”

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Please be sure to use CWs for uspol right now.

We are all angry.

Ran 3.4 miles today. A year ago I would have collapsed gasping after 2 blocks. Progress...

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