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Nothing new under the sun:

“The things we associate with ‘cancel culture’ or censoriousness are not unique to us. They aren’t unique to a particular faction or ideology either. They are inherent to democracy, an unavoidable part of free society that we can manage and mitigate but never fully eliminate.”

$Eldest’s comment, upon watching two episodes of the Simpsons: “I feel like I lost brain cells. I don’t want to watch that again.”


“University of Georgia scientists have released a study saying our new eight-legged residents are about to become even more prolific in Georgia and spread up and down the entire East Coast.”

Nope, nope, nope!

And it's not just the direct harm of commercial exploitation, either. It's the fact that our economic system (at least in the USA) doesn't make space for people to prioritize relationships, creative expression, and personal growth.

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"Almost... but not quite there!" is a very common reaction for me when I read Ross Douthat. Like in this column... He puts his finger on a genuine problem—in this case the human toll of liberalizing restrictions on gambling, adult entertainment, and narcotics—without noticing that capitalism and the profit motive are driving all of the negative effects he's just identified.

It’s raining steadily today, so I ran on the treadmill. I really don’t like it—for the pace it says I’m running, my heart rate should be a lot lower. It feels like a lot more work, but I’m not sure how much.

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If you are using slim, it might be time to switch. slim is no longer maintained upstream, OpenBSD 7.1 will not include it anymore. However, fortunately, you don't have to worry about it as xenodm can be your login manager. And: it is included in base! :flan_aww:

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Since book banning seems to be in fashion again, put these on your reading list, and pass them around…

For the first time since before Christmas, no technical issues with the worship livestream. Turns out you really don’t want to run a resource hog like Firefox on top of all the other heavy apps—OBS, Zoom, and LibreOffice (for the slides).

racism, US politics 

White fragility is needing legislation to protect you from “discomfort” through exposure to history.

I was aware that right-wing politicians have misrepresented MLK’s words. I wasn’t aware that the creation of the holiday itself was premised so explicitly on promoting a false “image” of King in order to advance policy aims at odds with King’s beliefs.

Why does the church's domain registration cycle on 12/20? That's insane.

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