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xenophobia, graphic descriptions of historical violence 

Then they have the audacity to protest when the “padrone” (labor procurer for the railroad) loots their comrades’ bodies with vague promises about handing over the money to the Italian consulate in trust for their families. (And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.)

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xenophobia, graphic descriptions of historical violence 

A neighbor turned up a news story from 1887 about a railroad “accident” not far from our town, on what is still an active passenger and freight line. The Italian American laborers are dehumanized first by being treated as a disposable commodity (“accidents” were frequent enough that they carried metal ID tags), and second by being depicted as irrational hotheads for reacting to the trauma of seeing their comrades run over by a train.

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Remember rumors on HN that said #OpenBSD wireless speed was limited to 650kbit/s? :flan_peek:​​

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Why does Apple Mail inline all attachments?

I had some extra money to spend on a laptop for my side job, so I picked up the Apple M1 Macbook Air on sale. Initial impressions:

* Impressive hardware: great battery life, gorgeous display, good speakers.
* The BSD userland feels like home, and homebrew fills in whatever it might be missing.
* I don't much care for Aqua, but I suppose I'll get used to it.

Tonight's homemade ratatouille was a hit with the spouse, not so much with the wee ones. Their loss.

I noticed that a bunch of media attachments weren't getting hosted locally. When I looked at sidekiq there were SSL certificate verification errors all over the place. Then I saw this...

... and syspatch fixed it right up.

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The #OpenBSD iwm #wifi driver has just made its first transmissions on a 40MHz channel.

Measured a peak of 190Mbps with tcpbench :flan_racer:

This is still in early stages. Configuring the device to use this feature was the easy part. Still need to implement switching the feature on and off when the access point changes its configuration, letting Tx rate selection pick the best channel width, showing the config in userland, and whatnot... :flan_think:

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A butterfly taking a bumblebee under its wing, playing taxi for a fly and taking a bug for a walk. Busy things, those butterflies... CW for #macro #insects they're cute, though. Promise! :)

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User interface failures: not just for computers.

I drive on dark roads, where all you see are taillights. This will end badly.

Something up think about: If more of us opted for school lunches, it would ensure the kids with the most need have access to high quality food, and our own kids would probably be better fed and more confident making food choices.

I am grateful once again for Fred Clark's insightful explanation of, "The poor you always have with you." It's not a release from the duty of generosity—it’s a reminder of our collective responsibility for injustice and suffering, and our ongoing obligation to lighten the burdens of others.

scary clowns 

This seems like quite the marketing misfire…

Clowns lurked outside schools to promote a speech academy. Horrified parents called the police.

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Like many pastors, I take one day off during the week, as comp time for working Sunday. Despite having mixed feelings about the return of in-person school for the kiddos, I will say that today I have a level of quiet I have not experienced in 18 months!

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Can we do away with the anti-pattern of presenting a huge box that looks like a login, but is "Create Account" with a little tiny link that says, "Already a member? Sign in here."

Can we at least recognize that if I entered my valid credentials in the "Create Account" box you can just log me in.

I really hate it when a business treats the paying customer as a second-rate citizen and crafts their landing page with only potential customers in mind.

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