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You can also use a headset or external mic, though this requires restarting Firefox and setting AUDIODEVICE, AUDIORECDEVICE as appropriate.

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Several fixes have been committed to the #OpenBSD iwm and iwx #wifi drivers. My goal is to have a stable base for upcoming changes.

If you have been seeing "iwm0: fatal firmware error" and such in the logs, upgrading to -current will hopefully fix this (with build date after June 30, 09:45h UTC).

And if you aren't seeing any issues then please try the next round of changes :flan_heart:

I got Zoom's web client working on Firefox on last night. You can fool Zoom's web server into thinking you're on Windows with the User Agent Switcher extension. Click the meeting link, and when the download of the Windows client starts, hit Cancel. Reload, thrash around a bit. Then Zoom's site will have pity on you and give you the web client link.

Make sure you've got the following sysctls set:

Also check permissions on /dev/video?

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Do you use #sqlite3 and are frustrated by its lack of #manpages? OpenBSD's port (and maybe others by now) use to convert the sqlite3.h header documentation into mdoc, so we can enjoy our usual command-line environment without jumping to the on-line docs. With some prodding by a new contributor, I've just put out a new release that cleans up output and handles some new sqlite3 bits and pieces. Docs! Docs! Docs! Docs! Docs! Docs!

Also backed down the livestream bitrate, since the quality of video we are putting in didn’t justify the ghastly high default and the consequent CPU load.

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Yesterday I unplugged everything connected to the livestream box to do some cable tidying, and when I put it all back the audio issues had miraculously disappeared. :flan_shrug:

Plugging everything into a different outlet also eliminates the noise. Suspecting a ground loop. The original outlet fixtures were installed upside down, which is triggering my suspicions.

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Turns out the R/F interference with the sound feed was coming from INSIDE the livestream PC: whenever the second HDMI output is plugged in, there’s a horrible buzz. At least now I know it wasn’t me.

Some tweaking of the sanctuary audio mixer eliminated the noise on the output to the livestream PC. Now I can turn off the noise suppression filter… and now we hear every passing car in the street outside. But that’s a better problem to have.

At my son's insistence, I installed Minecraft 1.17. Then discovered that I needed Java 16, which doesn't seem to have an OpenBSD package yet, but is in ports. A half hour's compile time later, we were all set.

My shoddy RJ45 termination job was bringing power to the camera, but not data. Got that sorted out, and now VISCA over IP is working.

And why would there be? Because I've just received a message constructed in a way that implies that blank text is an acceptable alternate rendering of the HTML content.

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A tool I use for one of my jobs sends out multipart/alternative e-mails in which the text/plain part is completely blank. This is really unacceptable... if you're going to send just text/html, don't make a pretense of alternatives. As it is, when I open up the message in mutt, which I've configured to prefer text/plain, I see the headers and no text. And because "Content-Disposition: inline" is set for both parts, there are no visual cues to pull up the attachments.

Trying out an server. It’s very easy to set up. Great functionality. User-facing interface still a little rough, but adequate.

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Linus Torvalds isn't always rude, and not all times he is rude are good, but this time, yeah, YOUGOLINUS!

I am declaring victory in my fight against the Yamaha MTX3 mixer, PulseAudio, and Fedora. The livestream production workstation is now pulling sufficiently good quality audio from the church sound system.

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Got a nastygram from about excessive CPU usage on my server. The VPS was not compromised, and was in fact running their minecraft server image, and they wouldn't provide any troubleshooting support and kept threatening to shut the instance down. It seemed like the best solution was to back up the data and shut it down myself.

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