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The local school board is floating a proposal to go full time in person for the final 7 weeks of school, instead of the current hybrid schedule. A lot of kids would have to change teachers. Seems like a lot of disruption for such a short time. Save the plan for September!

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Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

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This is a long shot, but I want to put the power of social media and federation to the test.

My son wants to become a commercial airline pilot when he’s grown up. It would be awesome if we could find a commercial pilot in the fediverse that we can follow and ask questions of.

If everyone who reads this could boost it, it would be much appreciated and it would mean the world to my son if he could get in touch with a real-life commercial pilot! ✈️

#pilot #flying #airline #jet #boeing #airbus

“It is believed the Arctic creature could have fallen asleep on an iceberg before being carried across the Atlantic ocean to Kerry.”

I hate it when that happens.

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I’m not a gardener myself—between my allergies, the dirt, and the bugs, I just can’t get into it. But this is a beautiful and hopeful message about where we are.

“While you’re waiting for post-pandemic life to resume, try growing something”

US politics, religion 

Addressing the problem of Qanon church members means not coddling them: “the only direct solution to their problem is for them to unmake that moral choice — to choose differently. ‘Repent.’ That is the truth we need to tell them. That is the truth they need to hear. This is more of a job for prophets than for pastors.”

Lots of hopeful signs amid so many somber anniversaries this week.

Friday 3/6/20 - Family’s last time eating out in a restaurant

Sunday 3/8/20 - Church’s last service in the sanctuary

Wednesday 3/11/20 - Last in-person function at the church

Friday 3/13/20 - Kids’ last day in school

Universal health care and a resilient, can-do spirit helped the Cherokee Nation fare better against COVID19 than the Oklahoma or US governments. In fact, they were able to offer masks and testing to their non-Cherokee neighbors.

TIL too much serrano in your fresh salsa gets you nuclear salsa. 🥵

The feel-good framing of this dystopian story is really something. Those words, “I hope I make it,” are an indictment of a society that expects 7 year olds with brain illness to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

Powerful testimony: “Regret for things we did is tempered by time, but regret for things we did not do is inconsolable.”

Allan McDonald, Who Refused To Approve Shuttle Challenger Launch, Dead At 83 -

Lessons from my dog: A cozy spot to snooze is more valuable than gold.

This is a really insightful look at differences in parenting across cultures, and the benefits of sharing the burdens across multiple households and not pandering to children in planning family activities.

Reading this story, I get the sense of being like a European in the dark ages looking up at a crumbling Roman aqueduct and wondering at how those who came before us were capable of so much greater things.

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