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Breaking Up With White Supremacy Was Always The End Game

“You will, one day, be faced with pulling ‘whiteness’ down out of the clouds and seeing it not in ideas but in people, written on bodies you have touched, scattered across relationships that have sustained you. You will see it in your family photographs and in the age spots of hands that reach for you. You will, one day, look across a table at the kindest sociopaths you have ever loved.”

I’ve always said /əˈku.tɹə.mənt/ ... This is odd. I usually prefer American spellings, because I feel they conform better to modern pronunciation (e.g. center over centre). Maybe in this case my pronunciation is influenced by my having studied French, and that’s why I’d prefer “accoutrement.”

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Spotted in the New York Times... This atrocity must not stand!

Forget superheroes and anti-heroes. We need more heroes like Capt. Sir Tom Moore. | Alyssa Rosenberg

"The heroism required to confront a pandemic is very different. ... This kind of heroism is defined by meticulousness, creativity and caring."

“A well-preserved substance found in a 2,700-year-old temple in Tel Arad has been identified as cannabis, including its psychoactive compound THC.”

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Beautiful sunrise over the plantation fields, Fort Portal in pearl of Africa #Uganda. Photo by Andy Wain

With the forecast now showing 18-24 inches of snow for tomorrow, the local school district is taking their second and final snow day. Even though they have the ability to go to remote instruction, the superintendent and school board have said that, with all our kids have lost, it’s good for them to have an unexpected day or two to play and blow off steam.

This is a pretty good secular example of grace. I heartily approve!

Denying the benefits of vaccines may be ignorant, but physically preventing others from receiving them—and creating such a disturbance that a COVID vaccine site has to shut down—constitutes a special kind of malicious insanity.

“Henry Darby has been giving back to others since he was a child. So when he learned that students at his North Charleston High School were in need, he picked up an overnight job at Walmart to help.”

The only thing that more heartwarming than this story would be treating this principal’s students with human decency in the first place and providing for their basic needs. Stories like this are not feel-good journalism. They are a sign of a deeply broken social order.

Here I was thinking I was the only one...

“About half of all Protestant pastors in the United States say they’re hearing conspiracy theories in their churches, according to a study released Tuesday...”

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Watching the COVID memorial this evening I realized how necessary solemn ritual is in our national life, and how utterly absent it has been these last four years. Because solemnity requires leaders to yield the focus of attention.

But grief is necessary. Remembrance is necessary. Sharing a sense of vulnerability is necessary.

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us politics 

It is encouraging to see political violence is still massively unpopular. I've been afraid it would be something like 20-30% support, which would mean we're in for a long period of unrest. But this looks to me like there's a good chance of successfully suppressing it.

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