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Pro Tip: if you are going to block the Admins and/or Moderators of the instance you post from, maybe you should find a different instance.

After a long meeting, a change of pace: I modified a countdown Lua script for OBS to count down to a specific future time (e.g. 10:00) instead of running as an egg timer. I’ll use it tomorrow morning.

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So amazing that generations of little hands and feet have slowly shaped the wooden ladder. Like laugh lines on the playground.

After discussing the widespread use of the “third degree” (beating confessions out of criminal suspects), the Wickersham report concludes, “The real remedy lies in the will of the community. If the community insists on higher standards in police, prosecutors and judges, the third degree will cease to be a systematic practice. But before the community can express its will it must know when, how, and to what extent these abuses are perpetrated.”

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I enjoyed HBO’s Perry Mason reboot, and I appreciate Adam Serwer’s piece, which uses the series to spotlight historical abuses in the criminal justice system, and failed attempts to rein them in. In particular, he talks about the Wickersham Commission (1929), whose conclusions seem just as true today.

So it's not my imagination... The smoke from out west has reached the east coast.

After a (very minor) glitch with online worship this morning, I decided to do a brain dump to create a preflight checklist. It includes creating all the PulseAudio sources and sinks to make OBS and Zoom play well together, and all the magical setting and resetting you do afterward to make sure they actually work.

Now that I see all the gotchas I’ve been carrying in my head, it’s no wonder I feel so exhausted.

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@nethope @djsundog oh, it turns out cowsay accepts its text on stdin, so it's as simple as:
socat tcp6-listen:12345 system:cowsay

Spouse asked me to send a link to her work address, and I sent the email from my server. Then I get an error bounce from Microsoft telling me I have to go through a ritual dance to have my message accepted. Really?

“I was working all day, so I didn’t get any work done,” I said to my oldest, who was dubious. (The day was consumed with meetings, and so I had very little work product to show for it.)

Last day for the local swimming hole. Hopefully next summer I won’t need to be so concerned about finding a distanced spot.

I’ll be supervising our family’s remote learners starting this week, while trying to work from home myself. I’m grateful that my co-parent lives with us, even though she’ll be working outside the home during the day. This fall is just going to be hard for a lot of parents.

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Over the US, the only chunk of the atmosphere that isn’t hazy from wildfire smoke, is the part that’s been scoured clean by a category 4 hurricane

I hoisted my son up onto my shoulders during a hike a week ago. The bill came due yesterday, and I’m still paying tonight. 😞

Editing and rendering videos for the music for tomorrow’s service. Not that much fun, but necessary.

Of all the BIOS boot error messages, "No keyboard detected. Press F1 to continue" takes the cake.

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