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I left my laptop in my office, not realizing I had kicked out the cord from the AC adapter. I came back hours later to find it powered down, but was pleasantly surprised to start it up and see it un-hibernating: apmd automagically did the right thing when the battery level was critically low and suspended to disk. w00t!

I love that the bluff/intimidation factor of this is way higher than its actual degree of difficulty.

You don’t need fancy symbolic integration techniques here. You just need to know that "integral" means roughly "area under curve" and that it’s distributive over addition.

“Folly can be overcome, not by instruction, but only by an act of liberation.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer (h/t Fred Clark)

Cultural commentary with applications to politics 

Fred Clark reviews the story of Josiah, which is often tied up as a self-congratulatory morality tale, but actually doesn't make much sense, and ultimately concludes: "An important part of our task as modern readers, then, is to admit and accept that we are bewildered."

Children’s Bible stories | Fred Clark

I approve this message! There’s no excuse not to make homemade cranberry sauce—it‘s easy, and so much better than the canned stuff.

This is actually a pretty good illustration of the difference between a gerund (left) and a participle (right).

Frank and Ernest by Thaves for November 27, 2019

My eldest has reached the age where the school brings in police officers to teach the kids that drugs and alcohol are bad, and they should make good choices about what to put in their bodies.

And then I see this article, reminding me that alcohol producers’ business models depend on those who drink to excess, causing injury, death, family breakdown, burdens to public services, etc.

When does my child learn about the dangers of capitalism?

Repurposed church altar at Dinosaur BBQ, Newark. Not pictured: POS terminals sitting on top.

RT and the Presbytery of Boise will be erasing all of Idaho’s medical debt through $1.5 million of debt relief for our state (and beyond).

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Today's clock tip: "You have put yourself into a parallel universe whose time is offset by 27 seconds from our world. Don't do that."

Baseball, domestic violence 

Baseball, domestic violence 

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