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Successful upgrade of the church's Asterisk server to Debian Buster.

Sign of the times: “A giant heat dome over Alaska is set to threaten all-time temperature records”

“I believed that somewhere in the makeup of every normal person there lurks the suppressed desire to smash things up.”

SKS Keyserver Network Under Attack · GitHub

This seems bad: PGP-dependent Linux distro "upgrades become impossible because the authenticity of downloaded packages cannot be verified."

I'm sure it would help to solve crimes if we outlawed sealed envelopes in the mail too, or required everyone to give a copy of their house keys to local police. We don't do those things, though, because there are effective ways to conduct criminal investigations that don't require systematically destroying privacy.

"U.S. May Outlaw Messaging Encryption Used By WhatsApp, iMessage And Others, Report"

A parable for our time: “Nearly 100 drivers followed a Google Maps detour -- and ended up stuck in an empty field”

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okay so like seriously
if you know friends who want to write code who *haven't* been marinating in it?

stop trying to suggest they write stuff from scratch.

explain how to fetch source code for things, and keep it updated, and make changes, and compile

give them ideas like "make all the monsters in this game pink!"

the actual code is the easy part. teach them to work with using it, and learning to find where to put it.


My mouth is still agape from the awesomeness of this rant: “subject-specific expertise built up through a lifetime of education and research doesn’t mean much unless you are also able to make exaggerated claims that stoke fear and resentment, ideally combined with a kind of faux-folksiness that harkens back to an age that never existed.”

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Lolwut? Robo-scam call threatening me with prosecution ends with, "Have a blessed day!"

When my kid steps up to the plate, the opposing team's coaches frantically gesture at their outfielders to back up. I confess it gives me a great deal of pride to have a child who is feared in this way. 🙂

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