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If I had to pick one thing I learned from reading the Dao De Jing it is to reframe all statements about myself from "I am <positive adjective> X" to "I am becoming a <positive adjective> X". For example:

"I am a statistician"
"I am becoming a better statistician"

It does three things for me:
1) Affirms I have the agency to change myself
2) Ensures I never stop growing
3) Forced me to reflect on *how* to reach a goal. Often this requires "learning about learning", a form of empowerment.

This is a striking finding... 5.8% of young adults given opioid painkillers after having their wisdom teeth removed were addicted to opioids a year later, versus 0.4% who weren't given opioids.

I had my wisdom teeth out a bit more than 20 years ago. The dental surgeon sent me home with Percocet and some kind of NSAID. I was a cautious kid, and I remember resolving not to take the Percocet unless the pain was completely intolerable with the NSAID alone. It wasn't.

On second thought, Google appears to feel free to clobber message headers if you do this. (For example, "format=flowed" disappears.) Going back to mutt's built-in smtp transport instead.

Mischief managed. Just POST the message to with these headers...

Authorization: Bearer <access token>
Content-Type: message/rfc822
Content-Length: <message size>

... and you're good to go.

Now to figure out how to send... I usually use msmtp, but I know I've got some python code to send email using Google's API lying around somewhere.

Very excited to be able to use for my gmail-based work email! (Our admin had disabled "less secure apps," so I needed oauthbearer authentication to be able to use mutt for IMAP access.)

I need Zoom conferencing for my second job. I'm installing on a USB stick, and it's taking agonizingly long. Of course, the chances that stuff will "just work" are fairly good. And it's probably just as well I'm not using one of those distros where you end up having to read a dozen wiki pages just to remember how to partition your system and install the bootloader manually.

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We are doing a great job preparing the next generation of subjects for the surveillance state.

My youngest child informed me that his preschool teacher told the class that Santa was watching them through the classroom CCTV system. 😧

"Although meant to unify people, the 19th-century campaign to make Thanksgiving a permanent holiday was seen by prominent Southerners as a culture war."

US politics 

I got to practice my parliamentary procedure-fu at a meeting today, for the good of the body, and somebody actually came up and high-fived me afterward. What a strange and satisfying experience...

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US followers--tomorrow is Election Day! Do you know where your polling place is? How you're getting there?


I knelt down this morning to help my son get his socks on, and I wrenched something in my back. I'm really not crazy about my incipient middle agedness.

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