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US followers--tomorrow is Election Day! Do you know where your polling place is? How you're getting there?


I knelt down this morning to help my son get his socks on, and I wrenched something in my back. I'm really not crazy about my incipient middle agedness.

This would be fun to implement, but highly infuriating to use. Which is the point, I guess.

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OpenBSD 6.4's second syspatch will land within the next 48 hours or so.

It's a syspatch for syspatch(8). I find the circularity oddly amusing.

I bailed out on the at 2am last night. I've never been good at all nighters, and that's not a skill you acquire with age. Also, it doesn't help when your kid comes in and wakes you up at 6. I'm really starting to feel it this evening.

Accomplishment for the day: I managed to install a new hard wired smoke detector without electrocuting myself.

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Fall is here. The first frost was this week, but life (and color) hangs on in the garden.

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As #OpenBSD 6.4 is released, it is probably time to update your #BIOS versions as well.

First, fetch it from the computer manufacturer. If it is a cd-rom image, and you don't have a cd-rom drive, you can extract the core part so it can boot off of a usb-stick.

If you need to extract it, I personally use the "geteltorito" package.

pkg_add geteltoritio
geteltorito bios_1.11.iso -o bios.fs
dd if=bios.fs of=/dev/sd9c

I use the above to do BIOS updates for #Thinkpad laptops.

In case you needed something cheery to read, here’s a list of all the things that could cause mass casualties and possibly human extinction. You’re welcome!

Looking at old social media posts from this day, I'm reminded that once upon I time I thought Foursquare was cool. Whatever possessed me to put myself under surveillance like that I don't know.

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Bible: Angels look like a giant wheel of flame.
Renaissance painter: This one looks like my sexy boyfriend.
Bible: No! They have a hundred eyes!
Painter: Cute babies?

“Medical staff line hospital walls in 'Walk of Respect' for organ donor”

This is well deserved.

It turns out the sea lion that smacked the kayaker in the face with an octopus was probably just playing with its food and hit the man by accident.

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