@irina I'm not confident enough in my C skills to trust I don't have a lurking buffer overrun, so I have it locked down to ignore presence subscription requests from other servers--it's not worth getting pwned. But if you're on XMPP, contact me (xmpp:david@amyanddavid.net) and I'll put you in touch. 😀

@irina It now wags its tail (or, alternatively spins) if you call it a good dog, or a good boy.

@irina Still working on it. Right now it chooses at random from: "Woof!", "Aroof!", "Ruff ruff", "Yip!", and "Grrrr."

I amused myself last night by writing an XMPP bot in C that impersonates a golden retriever puppy. My daughter likes it, at least.

Hooray for capitalism: Goldman Sachs says gene therapy "carries tremendous value for patients and society," but is nonetheless a risky business proposition, because there's no money in to be made in curing disease.


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Thousands of young people have walked out of school to protest the government’s criminal inaction on the climate crisis. We are chanting “we want change” and we will keep on chanting until that change happens. We are the future. Listen to us.


What the...? Has anybody else gotten spam messages with a 'text/calendar' attachment? I shudder to think what would happen if I opened the message in Outlook.

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White Christian Nationalism — Not Secularism — Is Destroying America

White Christendom’s legacy is one of moral failure and intentional evil, consistently being on the wrong side of history.


5 am robocall was on schedule. Kids' school is cancelled due to "anticipated" weather. Right now there's nothing falling, and nothing on the ground.

Eldest child's school sends out notice of snow days via 5 am robocall. It's all but guaranteed this is going to happen tomorrow morning, and I'm already steeling myself. 😬

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An uninterrupted 24/7 church service was held in a The Hague church for 96 days to prevent the police from entering the building and deporting a refugee family.

Almost a thousand preachers spoke during the 2.300 hours of service.

The service was ended on January 30th, 2019, as new legislation was agreed upon that allowed the family to stay in the Netherlands.

I've always thought of the relationship between body and spirit/soul as being like the relationship between paper/ink and literature. Basic physical matter can be arranged to express something that transcends the physical.

Eldest child: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Youngest child: A bad guy in a suit.
Me: So, a hedge fund manager, then?

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@mike Everybody has their own idea of what makes a "good" password. Autogenerated passwords like these work pretty well for me. After a couple of days, they're in my muscle memory. (I have a hard time writing them down if I'm not at a keyboard, though.)

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