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I also use ruby24 and ruby24-bundler from packages, rather than building them like the Mastodon installation instructions say to do.

I found I couldn't make it work with ruby 2.5--I had to use 2.4.

The node dependencies are a PITA, but it can be done. Where are you getting stuck?

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okay so like seriously
if you know friends who want to write code who *haven't* been marinating in it?

stop trying to suggest they write stuff from scratch.

explain how to fetch source code for things, and keep it updated, and make changes, and compile

give them ideas like "make all the monsters in this game pink!"

the actual code is the easy part. teach them to work with using it, and learning to find where to put it.


My mouth is still agape from the awesomeness of this rant: “subject-specific expertise built up through a lifetime of education and research doesn’t mean much unless you are also able to make exaggerated claims that stoke fear and resentment, ideally combined with a kind of faux-folksiness that harkens back to an age that never existed.”

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Lolwut? Robo-scam call threatening me with prosecution ends with, "Have a blessed day!"

When my kid steps up to the plate, the opposing team's coaches frantically gesture at their outfielders to back up. I confess it gives me a great deal of pride to have a child who is feared in this way. 🙂

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I've read that working parents today spend as much time in hands-on parenting as stay-at-home moms did in the 1970s. Sometimes I experience this as burdensome. This week I'm experiencing it as especially joyous and lifegiving, and I find myself wishing I could ditch work more than I already do.

My kid’s school sends out e-mails where the text is rendered as a CDN-linked image in the text/html part of the message. The text/plain alternative part of the message is an incomprehensible list of long URLs to their CDN, though an "unsubscribe" link is also provided. I can view the images, but this is clearly an accessibility fail. And really, is it too much to ask people to send the text of their e-mails *as* text?

The fallible official giveth, and the fallible official taketh away. Blessed be the fallible official.

- Coaches' Proverbs 22:12

Every now and then I think it might be nice to have some basic formatting, and I look at wrapper scripts that pipe your outgoing messages through some kind of markdown parser, but these always seem to cause one form of trouble or other.

I find I can read HTML emails all right: I have an entry in my mailcap to have w3m turn them into plain text, and if that fails (or if the images become relevant), I can open them with Firefox.

For sending, I use plain text with format=flowed, which seems to render my paragraphs in the way people expect in most clients (though not the Gmail Android app 🙁).

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