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Watching the COVID memorial this evening I realized how necessary solemn ritual is in our national life, and how utterly absent it has been these last four years. Because solemnity requires leaders to yield the focus of attention.

But grief is necessary. Remembrance is necessary. Sharing a sense of vulnerability is necessary.

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us politics 

It is encouraging to see political violence is still massively unpopular. I've been afraid it would be something like 20-30% support, which would mean we're in for a long period of unrest. But this looks to me like there's a good chance of successfully suppressing it.


“The vivid depiction of a wild pig, outlined and filled in with mulberry-hued pigment, dates back at least 45,500 years...”


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At last, it's getting seasonal! Honestly, with so many people getting outdoors in 2020 I expected it to be busy (this trail is not too inaccessible), but apart from the snow falling from tree branches and the fattest crow I have ever seen, it was silent. #california #nature
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re: anti-Vim asshattery 

@ljwrites @epilanthanomai @z


You sense that so-called "chaotic energy" only because your spirit has been SOILED by lesser editors. And GUIs. And <gack> *monitors.*

It is not your fault .The WORLD HAS STRAYED from the one TRUE path.

ed is the standard editor.

It is not too late.

Save yourself.

Use ed(1).

So sad to hear of the passing of @pla... His cheery presence in this space helped make it such a welcome alternative to other platforms, and I looked forward to his rides and the lovely photoblog that depicted them. Rest in peace, friend.

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So sad to hear the news about Patrick @pla.

I never got to know Patrick personally but he was one of those people who inspired others like me just by being the person he was and sharing that positivity. I will miss you my friend.

# PLARidesOn

us politics 

Exhausting... the gaslighting, the thuggery, the casual criminality... it never ends.

‘I just want to find 11,780 votes’: In extraordinary hour-long call, Trump pressures Georgia secretary of state to recalculate the vote in his favor


I’m all for keeping up the Christmas tree up until January 6 at least, but ours was showering needles all over the place, so we took it down. We don’t need an incendiary device in the living room.

@atrus Dynamic programming... the unit in my algorithms class that broke my brain.

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The few New Year’s Eves I’ve been out haven’t been so awesome, so being in with the family for dinner and a movie feels pretty normal. I hope everyone’s NYE is a safe and happy one!

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