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Scammers don’t even try to put in decent effort anymore. Sad.

I like a lot of the Babylon Bee's satire stories, but they do put out a lot of tendentious crap as well. And yes, Snopes can and should fact-check satire when there's a clear intent to mislead.

Babylon Bee, Snopes feud over fact-checking satire - Religion News Service

(RNS) — The popular fact-checking site Snopes and the Babylon Bee, a religious humor site, have feuded online over the difference between 'fake news' and satire.

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markovkeyboard: keyboard layout that changes by markov frequency.

Something tells me this would not actually be very helpful, but YMMV.

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, State College, Pennsylvania

White Coral bells
Upon a tender stalk
Lilies of the valley deck my garden walk
Oh how I wish that I could hear them ring
That will happen only when the fairies sing

I went for a ride today and discovered Easton Tower, which was a pump house built in 1900.

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Now I’m doing my happy dance... The new fan is in, and my laptop is both quiet and cool once again!

I'm pleased to see this sign at a local park has been changed. Our family always ignored it. And in any case, the "residents only" restriction was always unenforceable under state law, due to a (wise and equitable!) state supreme court decision that held that all public parks are held in trust for the use and benefit of the whole public, and cannot be restricted to residents of the municipality.

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