This was in my email inbox today. Greatly exaggerated, as they say.

Whatever I may have just done, my dog does not approve.

This must be the silliest error message I’ve ever seen.

It’s so hard to find a usable thumbnail for my sermons. In all of these I look completely insane.

More fun with randomly generated block mazes!

Me: Does this hurt your brain?
Youngest: A little.

Treat an array of blocks as nodes in a graph, with the blocks above, below, to the right and left of each block as adjacent, and assign random edge weights. Then run Prim's minimum spanning tree algorithm. Voila! A block maze!

My youngest is... sort of impressed.

Homemade pepperoni pizza for tonight’s family dinner.

mild potty humor 

People think they’re all clever, making a recipe from the Bible... 1/2

Lessons from my dog: A cozy spot to snooze is more valuable than gold.

Spotted in the New York Times... This atrocity must not stand!

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