I’ve got Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry, but somewhere along the way the living cultural traditions fell out of my line of descent. So I’m always grateful to come across articles like this.



My mother still tells me to “Come safe home,” which I understand is German-influenced syntax? But that’s about it.

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@david My mother used to say things like "Raus mit choo" but I don't know whether that came from her Pennsylvania Dutch (but raised English after being orphaned young) mother, or the Jewish courtesy-aunt she grew up next door to.

@silverseams My German ancestors came over before the American Revolution—some of them with William Penn—so at this point it’s a VERY distant part of my heritage.

@david I don't know how long ago mine did, since the orphaning bit pretty much alienated my grandmother from her PennDutch roots. (I think she was only half PennDutch and her mother(? IIRC) was ostracized for marrying English, but I actually don't know the whole story. Shoulda asked more when Mom was alive, I guess.)

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