This is a striking finding... 5.8% of young adults given opioid painkillers after having their wisdom teeth removed were addicted to opioids a year later, versus 0.4% who weren't given opioids.

I had my wisdom teeth out a bit more than 20 years ago. The dental surgeon sent me home with Percocet and some kind of NSAID. I was a cautious kid, and I remember resolving not to take the Percocet unless the pain was completely intolerable with the NSAID alone. It wasn't.

@david on the opposite side of the spectrum, I've had both my wisdom teeth out (surgically; they were growing sideways aimed at the roots of my other teeth) and I've had a combination rhinoplasty and sinus drill out surgery but refused to take any opiates when I was ~17 years old.

I think we need to do more research into why people have such vastly different pain tolerances.
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