I need Zoom conferencing for my second job. I'm installing on a USB stick, and it's taking agonizingly long. Of course, the chances that stuff will "just work" are fairly good. And it's probably just as well I'm not using one of those distros where you end up having to read a dozen wiki pages just to remember how to partition your system and install the bootloader manually.

@david Zoom is the one thing I need for work that I can't do on my OpenBSD laptop. Right now I'm using another zoom-capable second system, but I'm toying with an iPad. It's not the best for screen sharing (the main loss) but it might be passable. I'm interested to hear how debian works for you. Linux using peers have been OK w Zoom on Ubuntu, etc.

@ckure I just got off a call, and it worked great. I've got a ThinkPad T450s, with OpenBSD on the SSD. I used the unofficial installer image for Debian that includes the non-free firmware, so that my Intel wireless would work out of the box.

I did "apt-get install gdebi" after first boot.

Opening the zoom meeting link in Firefox takes you to the download page. Run gdebi on zoom_amd64.deb and you're good to go.

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