I was today years old when I learned that the French word for garbage can (poubelle) comes from Eugène-René Poubelle, the public official who mandated the use of solid waste containers in Paris in the 1880s.

My mother still tells me to “Come safe home,” which I understand is German-influenced syntax? But that’s about it.

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I’ve got Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry, but somewhere along the way the living cultural traditions fell out of my line of descent. So I’m always grateful to come across articles like this.


I was looking through the caller ID on the office phone, and... Big if true!

“Despite the devastating mockery of this attitude in Jonah and all the parables, it’s still ever-present and perniciously popular. That’s partly because it’s a spiritual disease that serves the interests of the very wealthy. They’ve fed and nurtured this sickness for so long that the ‘morality’ of debt is now a complete perversion and inversion of what the Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament Jesus (Mr. ‘I am Jubilee in the flesh’ himself) had to say about it.”

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Sharing this old blog post from Fred Clark for no reason in particular today:

“Jubilee Always Makes Some People Angry”


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“A dog was missing. Cavers found her two months later 500 feet underground.”

Crazy story! Happy ending.


You would think by now that I would have learned, when exploring on my bike, not to turn on to such streets as “Summit Avenue,” “High Mountain Road,” and “Monte Vista.”

But you would be wrong.

Looks totally legit. I’m sure Amazon uses lowercase Greek alphas in place of the letter a all the time.

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Me just now: "ugh why can't maps accept multiple locations and put them in order based on the most efficient route instead of making me order-- oh. Right."


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If we called it “applied statistics” instead of “machine learning” or “artificial intelligence” we’d probably get fewer people asking if the computer is alive.

At the today I saw a self-checkout kiosk for the first time. I felt like such a dinosaur, flipping the covers open to find a bar code to scan, when you just need to put the whole stack by the scanner.

This evening I installed a voice chat plugin on the kids’ server. The poor 2010 Acer Revo nettop is hitting the swap pretty hard and just generally hating life. I can see this is heading toward me shelling out for a more capable box. (Skinflint dad sighs.)

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