Fall is here. The first frost was this week, but life (and color) hangs on in the garden.

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As #OpenBSD 6.4 is released, it is probably time to update your #BIOS versions as well.

First, fetch it from the computer manufacturer. If it is a cd-rom image, and you don't have a cd-rom drive, you can extract the core part so it can boot off of a usb-stick.

If you need to extract it, I personally use the "geteltorito" package.

pkg_add geteltoritio
geteltorito bios_1.11.iso -o bios.fs
dd if=bios.fs of=/dev/sd9c

I use the above to do BIOS updates for #Thinkpad laptops.

In case you needed something cheery to read, here’s a list of all the things that could cause mass casualties and possibly human extinction. You’re welcome!

Looking at old social media posts from this day, I'm reminded that once upon I time I thought Foursquare was cool. Whatever possessed me to put myself under surveillance like that I don't know.

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Bible: Angels look like a giant wheel of flame.
Renaissance painter: This one looks like my sexy boyfriend.
Bible: No! They have a hundred eyes!
Painter: Cute babies?

“Medical staff line hospital walls in 'Walk of Respect' for organ donor”

This is well deserved.


It turns out the sea lion that smacked the kayaker in the face with an octopus was probably just playing with its food and hit the man by accident. n.pr/2OnHJhr

I got my ballot yesterday. Here in NJ we are sort of sliding into vote-by-mail. You don’t need an excuse, and if you get a mail-in ballot for one election, you never have to apply again—you’ll receive a mail-in ballot for every future election unless you specifically opt out. All in all it’s a win for ballot access!

Something was rattling in my laptop. I popped it open, tightened the screws on the fan assembly, and closed up, and now we’re back to “whoosh” instead of “buzzzzz.” 😌

Maybe it's time to invest in that portable charger.

"A passenger was kicked off an Indian flight after he tried to access the cockpit to charge his phone"


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The borg are what you get when you combine standing desks and office naps. Everyone napping in an open-plan server room.

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smart people make mistakes and do stupid things too. they just anticipate and allow time for it

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@aag granting yourself time to be incompetent is the path to success.

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The hardest problem in computer science is people actively believing there is no ideology or politics in computer science.

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Cartoonist Tom Gauld teaches us new terminology for the digital age.

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It's been a wet summer. The fungus is going crazy here.

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